Equipment Policy

At Infinity Dogs, we prioritize the well-being and safety of your dog. To ensure a positive training experience, we have established the following equipment policy:

1. No Aversive Equipment: We strictly prohibit the use of aversive equipment, as recommended by international clinical animal behavior organizations. Extensive research and studies have shown that such equipment can have negative effects on your dog’s well-being and learning capabilities.

2. Harness-First Policy: We prioritize the use of harnesses to protect your dog’s neck in the long term. While this policy may seem stringent, we believe in taking preventive measures to minimize the potential risks associated with neck injuries or discomfort.

3. Individualized Approaches: We understand that some dogs may have sensory needs that require a different approach. In cases where sensory needs are suspected, we are open to considering the use of a flat collar as an alternative. Our goal is to provide individualized solutions that prioritize your dog’s comfort and well-being. We will work closely with you to determine the best equipment for your dog’s specific needs.

4. Legal Requirements: It is essential to comply with legal requirements regarding your dog’s identification. This includes having an up-to-date identification tag that displays your dog’s name and your contact information. By properly displaying this information, you can help others recognize your dog and ensure their safety.

At Infinity Dogs, we are committed to creating a safe and positive training environment for your dog. Our equipment policy reflects our dedication to your dog’s well-being and the highest standards of training practices.