Advanced Training

Those in Advanced training are on the verge of becoming fully-fledged Assistance Dogs under the Infinity Dogs CIC program. They have likely been diligently working to meet the legal interpretation behavioral standards outlined in the Equality Act 2010 in the UK for a considerable amount of time. However, at Infinity Dogs CIC, we maintain high standards for our Assistance Dog program.

At this stage, training sessions must be a minimum of three hours in length, but there is no specific time limit. Trainers and partnerships may agree to extend the length of training sessions if deemed appropriate.

Trainers may also collaborate with other ID Trainers to offer larger workshops or scenario-based training sessions involving multiple teams at the same level. However, no more than four partnerships will be assigned to each trainer.

Once partnerships have accumulated both 22 logged training hours and five months of training, they become eligible to undergo a soft public access test.

After six months since the first training hour has passed, partnerships may be scheduled for their qualification assessment and public access test. To be eligible for these tests, partnerships must have completed at least 24 training hours, with a minimum of 15 of those hours taking place in high-demand public access environments.