Costs & Funding

At Infinity Dogs CIC, we understand that the expenses of living as a disabled person can be quite high. That’s why we strive to minimize costs for our partnerships as much as possible. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there are various expenses involved in running ID CIC, such as trainer CPD, hosting guest trainers, venue charges, trainers travel expenses and equipment. These costs contribute to the overall running expenses of our organization.

Our primary goal is to rely on fundraising as our main source of funding. This way, we can ensure that any money raised goes directly towards funding services that will benefit our partnerships.

Additionally, assistance dog partnerships until qualification are expected to pay a monthly fee of £35 which provides them with at least 12 hours per month of real-life training support, with the opportunity for much more than this. It is worth noting that this fee is significantly lower than what you would typically pay per hour in the traditional private sector, making it a much more affordable option. On qualification, the fee drops to £5pm.