Who can we help?

Our eligibility criteria is as follows:

1. You must of been diagnosed with OR reasonably believe you are disabled in a way that can be mitigated by the support of training your own assistance dog.

2. Be 100% comitted to training force free. We do not even allow headcollars on our Assistance Dog training program. 

3. Read and agree to all of our policies shown here

4. Be a UK resident  

5. Agree that ID will be your only Assistance Dog training provider - including exclusion of specialist online training programme providers. The only exceptional circumstances would be if a prospective partnership currently has an ADI sourced and provided programme dog where the handler has sorced specialist permission from both their current programme and ID CIC. The programme must also train exclusively without aversives.

6. Agree to veterinary and behavioural screening if approved for the first stage of the application process. 

7. Agree it is very likely you will be asked to train with an allocated trainer in the midlands for at least 24 hours over 6 months until we are able to offer full coverage.

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