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Infinity Dogs CIC Launches "Just. Don't" Campaign to Empower Neurodivergent Handlers and Advocate for Inclusive Access for Assistance Dogs in the UK

UK - 20/02/2024

Infinity Dogs CIC, with the support of the not for profit AIE4ALL and the Assistance Dog Assessment Association is proud to announce the launch of the "Just. Don't" campaign.

Recent survey findings among assistance dog handlers in the UK have highlighted significant challenges faced by these teams, including:

- 78% of partnerships being denied access to service providers due to a "no dogs" policy

- 67% being refused entry because their assistance dog was not a guide dog

- 61% being asked for documentation or registration

- 50% experiencing their dog being shouted at

- 39% being told their dog couldn't be an assistance dog based on factors like color, breed, or vest

- 25% reporting incidents of their assistance dog being kicked or hit while working

The "Just. Don't" campaign is dedicated to addressing these issues and creating a more inclusive and understanding environment for all assistance dog teams.

For more information and to join us in creating a more accessible and inclusive society for all, please contact:

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Media Releases