The Application Process

We have a multi-stage process to ensure that our partnership is a good fit for both parties. Here is an overview of each stage:

Stage 1: Website Evaluation - We encourage you to visit our website to determine if we align with your goals and values as a partnership.

Stage 2: Remote Application - This stage involves assessing whether you are a suitable candidate for our program. We will evaluate if we can provide the necessary support for you to train your own Assistance Dog. Additionally, we will ensure that you have the appropriate resources to meet our rigorous training standards and maintain high welfare standards.

Stage 3: Virtual Open Day - This stage aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our training and assessment process. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have before proceeding further.

Stage 4: Behavioral Screening Stage 1 - If possible, one of our volunteer behavior specialists in your local area will meet with you briefly to conduct a short assessment. This assessment will determine if your dog is likely to enjoy assistance work and does not pose any obvious safety risks.

Stage 5: Veterinary Screening - In this stage, we will request that your vet complete a short form to confirm that your dog is in good health and capable of performing the required tasks. Additionally, we will verify that you have health insurance and public liability insurance for your assistance dog prospect. If you pass this stage, we will provide you with some simple training exercises for your next assessment.

Stage 6: Behavioral and Training Screening Stage 2 - This stage focuses on evaluating your commitment to the training program and your dog’s potential and suitability for training.

If you and your dog are determined to be suitable potential partners, you will be invited to join the foundation stage of our Assistance Dog training pathway. To apply, please click the link provided.