Our Trustees

Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones has a wealth of experience within the Commercial Retail industry, where she formed the basis of her people led mindset. Lucy has since started working in the NHS, and leads a Patient Experience and Engagement team. Lucy is passionate about improving the experience of service users, and champions their voices being heard. She particularly enjoys working with different to reach groups!

Lucy understands the importance of learning and improving from complaints and concerns, and is a proud dog mum, to Rupert the Cockapoo.

Anne Richley

Anne Richley joined the NHS in 1996 after choosing a career in midwifery. In 2014 she became a Matron within midwifery and part of her role included investigating incidents and also answering complaints. In 2021 she won a Royal College of Midwives award for ‘excellence in maternity care throughout a global pandemic’ .
Anne is ‘grandmother’ to three dogs, two of whom are assistance dogs.
She loves to cook, and as the proud mum of the Director of Infinity Dogs, manages to muscle in on the catering for various dog training events.

Laura Wild

Laura Wild is a highly qualified Dog Trainer, holding a BSc and LV4 Advanced diploma in dog training. With a rich background in force free dog training, she has successfully managed Wild Spirit Dog Canines CIC and contributed her expertise to veterinary hospitals. Currently, Laura is dedicated to furthering her knowledge by pursuing a Lv5 Animal and Canine behaviourist certification from IMDT, focusing assistance dog training.

In 2019, Laura was diagnosed as Autistic, a turning point that led her to train her loyal companion, Summer, to support her in her educational journey and in establishing Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC.

Laura's training philosophy revolves around fostering a deep connection with dogs. She firmly believes that effective communication is the cornerstone of a rewarding relationship with our canine friends. Her methodology is underpinned by kindness, consistency, and evidence-based positive reinforcement techniques.

As an independent expert external to Infinity Dogs CIC, Laura serves on the trustee board to provide invaluable guidance on matters related to canine training and behaviour, assistance dogs in general including maintaining qualified dogs to a high standard.