Basic Training

Basic Trainee Dog Training is divided into five parts:

1. Public Access Training: During this phase, you will have the opportunity to work in public access (PA) settings for longer periods of time. Most PA training sessions are expected to last at least three hours. With the agreement of all parties involved, including the trainer, you may also have the chance to work in small groups of up to four handlers.
2. Taskwork Training: In this part of the training, you will focus on honing your skills in training mitigation behaviors. This involves teaching your dog specific tasks to assist you in managing certain situations.
3. Scenario-Based Training: You will have the opportunity to participate in specific scenario-based training days. These training sessions will be tailored to simulate real-life situations, such as aviation, theater trips, theme parks, and more.
4. Workshops: We will organize workshops for handlers to develop particular skills. These workshops will take place at various venues and provide focused training in specific areas.
5. Socials: Social events will be held in medium to high-demand environments. These socials are designed to allow you to practice your skills in a realistic setting and help you become more comfortable in different environments.

It is estimated that most partnerships will successfully complete basic training within four to five months. However, partnerships with at least 15 training hours will have the opportunity to attempt the assessment up to twice, with a minimum of six weeks between attempts.

Upon completion of basic training, partnerships may begin conducting unlimited unsupervised training trips while wearing their trainee dog jacket.