Assistance Dog Assessor

What is the role of an Assessor?

Assessors play a crucial role in maintaining the high training and behavior standards of the Infinity Dog CIC Assistance Dog program. They are responsible for evaluating whether potential partnerships meet the following criteria:

  1. Suitability for enrollment in the program
  2. Commitment to the required training
  3. Progressing as expected
  4. Ability to work in demanding and challenging environments
  5. Meeting the necessary standards to pass and maintain qualification status on an annual basis


• Must be externally assessed as a force-free trainer, certified by organizations such as the UK Charter or ABTC.

• ADI Trainer/Assessor experience within the past 3 years, or experience as an independent trainer for owner trainers with at least 3 client references.

• 3 professional references that are relevant to the role.

• Familiarity with using dog-mounted cameras or body-worn video equipment, as all assessments will be recorded for decision-making and action-taking purposes.

• Possess a good sense of humor.

• Capable of direct and assertive communication.

• Skilled at thinking quickly and adapting to unexpected situations.

• Able to commit to at least 4 hours of volunteering per month

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